China Could Save The World Economy From Freefall

The Industrial manufacturing, retail sales and fixed asset investment accounts for 85 percent of China’s market, meaning taken at face value, they indicate that the gross domestic product growth averaged minus 13 percent during the first fourteen weeks of this year.

This forecasters were off the mark over the information reevaluate the unprecedented nature of this
economic disaster in China

Why is the dramatic meltdown of China’s economy as a warning for the rest of the world?

With a 96 per cent fall in tourist arrivals, meanwhile, the woes lasted in Hong Kong.

Yet, I believe Europe and the US are heading into a downturn, given that the degree of government limitations .

Even as of Friday, only 60 percent of small companies — the actual engine of China market — had reopened.

The financial effect of the virus China can incentivise policymakers elsewhere to take more decisive actions.

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