Banks Might Need To Close Branches Or Cash Machines In UK

“We expect them to build on this work and also to continue to consider consumer needs since they take decisions on potential closures.

We also have seen the value of the access to money to customers Whilst we’ve seen some customers move to payments.

One in 10 adults have stated they didn’t understand how They’d cope in a Businesses have handled accessibility nicely through Covid-19, and We’ve seen Branches and money machines that are free-to-use evaporate across the united kingdom.

Meanwhile, about 9,500 free-to-use money machines vanished in the last two decades alone.

Under draft guidelines in the Financial Conduct Authority Will need to alert regulators should they intend to shut money machines or branches and has to demonstrate they believed the effect on customer access based on principles.

Many very good examples of how they’ve used options to branches and ATMs throughout the catastrophe.

The Covid-19 pandemic is quickening the change to electronic payments, as customers and retailers opt for cards more than money.

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